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Terms and Conditions

This website has been established for the United States based law firm of McElroy Law Firm, LLC in the areas of Employment Law, Energy Law, Real Estate Law, Business Law, Estate Planning and Administration.


Our website address is:

International users

This website follows US laws and may track your IP address, keystroke activity, and personal information in conformance with US laws.  You should not use our site if you are located outside of the United States and if you determine that this Privacy Policy does not conform with your country’s laws.

Contact Forms

We collect, and indefinitely retain, information that you provide to us in our contact forms.  That may include collecting technical data, for example your IP address, and that technical data may be used to help with spam detection, prevent fraud, and to evaluate your case or inquiry.

Data Collection Technologies and Embedded Content

We may use certain technologies including cookies, beacons, tags and scripts that collect data.  Cookies may be used to remember a user’s setting, but if you reject cookies, you can still use the site.  This website may also contain embedded content from third party websites (for example, links to articles or images) and that contact behaves as if you were directly using that other website.  We are not responsible for third party websites.

Data Sharing, Retention and your Rights

We do not, and will not, share your data with anyone other than our law firm members or legal partners, and will only share it for the purposes of contacting you, or evaluating the potential claim about which you have contacted us.  We will retain your data indefinitely.  If you request, we will erase any person data that we have about you, however, we cannot erase information that we are obliged to keep for legal, security or administrative purposes.

Contact Information

You can contact us regarding privacy and data usage at

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