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Employment Law

We advocate for employees in Western Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, including Ohio and West Virginia.



Have you been discriminated against at work? Or was your employment wrongfully terminated?

McElroy Law Firm, LLC is here to help employees in the Ohio Valley, including the Pittsburgh area. We have experience in providing legal services for cases that involve Age Discrimination, Disability Discrimination, Race Discrimination, National Origin Discrimination, Gender Discrimination, Pregnancy Discrimination, Sexual Orientation Discrimination, and Religious Discrimination. Learn more here.


Did your boss retaliate against you for reporting harassment or discrimination? Or have you experienced sexual harassment at your job?

Let McElroy Law Firm, LLC be the solution for you. We help employees in the Ohio Valley, including the Pittsburgh area, who have suffered from sexual harassment in  the work place, or any form of workplace harassment because of their age, race, religion, national origin, pregnancy, sexual orientation, or gender; and those who were retaliated against for reporting illegal discrimination or harassment. Learn more here.


What can you do if your employer refuses to pay overtime? Or did your employer interfere with or deny you FMLA leave?

McElroy Law Firm, LLC is dedicated to getting employees in the Ohio Valley, including the Pittsburgh area, the compensation and FMLA leave they are entitled to. If you feel that your employer is illegally denying your rightfully earned wages or preventing you from taking medical leave, learn more here.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

We seek justice for employees who have experienced employment discrimination, in the form of wrongful termination or an illegal demotion, because of Age Discrimination, Race Discrimination, Gender Discrimination, Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Pregnancy Discrimination, or Religious Discrimination. We help employees who were denied a reasonable accommodation for their disability and those who have suffered retaliation for reporting any of the above-described discrimination. At McElroy Law Firm, LLC my team and I help our clients craft individualized plans to help suit their unique needs including providing EEOC and PHRC representation and moving forward with a right-to-sue letter. I also provide representation for Unemployment Appeal hearings. 

In addition, McElroy Law Firm, LLC represents employees who have suffered wage and overtime violations, paid time off violations, breach of contract including severance agreement review, unpaid overtime, unpaid commissions or unpaid wages, and employees who were not paid equally under equal pay laws because of their gender. We help those who were denied Family Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”), including those who have expanded coverage under the Family First Coronavirus Response Act ("FFCRA") or who were retaliated against for taking it. If you have experienced any of the above situations let us help you fight for your rights. If you think you have a legal issue and would like to speak to a Lawyer, get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation. Determining whether you have a case will not cost you any upfront fees. No recovery, no fees. 

With licenses in WV, OH, and PA, my team and I can serve any employee in the Ohio Valley.

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